Bicicleta Sem Freio “Fera” Exhibition

Last week in London JUSTKIDS in association with RexRomae presented a pop-up exhibition in London showcasing the Brazilian duo of illustrators Bicicleta Sem Freio (Bicycle Without Breaks), entitled “Fera”, and ran for four days only. Bicicleta Sem Freio aka Douglas de Castro and Renato Perriera put on their first ever London show at the Hoxton Gallery in Shoreditch. The shows title “FERA”, translates from Portuguese to mean wild or savage and intends to present an “unexpected juxtaposition of imaginary, rock’n’roll and often provocative subjects” on the mediums of paper and canvas.


Their style draws influence from their childhood, kids tv and 70s band posters. In fact they started out doing album covers for bands, before been asked to paint murals and now moving on to painting canvasses. For this show they painted individual works, breaking away from the collaborative style prevalent in their earlier works. Their works typically feature images composed of many facets and elaborate positioning, typically set to a striking and incredibly bright colour palette. Of the duo Douglas de Castro is more figurative in style, while Renato Pereira paints more organic pieces and subjects, girls, animals and jungle like scenes are predominant themes and comprising elements in their work. The exhibition was fantastic, a real treat to see. Their work as individual pieces just has so much going on in within them. I was lucky enough to catch Douglas de Castro briefly at the show and got some insight into their work and also got to discuss his favourite piece that he contributed to the exhibition. Thanks Douglas de Castro for your time and for a superb exhibition in London. Below the exhibit pictures you can see the two walls Bicicleta Sem Freio painted in the Brick Lane area last summer, and both of which can currently still be viewed.


Marmitex – Acrylic on canvas. This was Douglas de Castro’s favourite work from the show. The idea behind it is the crocodile is friends with the wild cat, but the wild cat is not really his friend and in the process of ‘tripping’, while the crocodile sheds a well placed tear over it all. 


2 Girls – Acrylic on canvas.


No Future – Acrylic on canvas.


Marionete – Acrylic on canvas.


Papagaio de Pirado – Acrylic on canvas.


Ratcat Dinner – Acrylic on canvas.


Pretty Lazy – Acrylic on canvas.


Red – Acrylic on canvas.


Selva – Acrylic on canvas.


Pavao Misterioso – Acrylic on canvas.


Untitled – Ink On Paper.


Untitled – Ink On Paper.


Londres – Ink On Paper.


The limited edition print produced for the show.

P1090390Bicicleta Sem Freio which can currently be seen on Pedley Street off Brick Lane.



This work can currently be seen in Hanbury Street off Brick Lane.


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