Pyramid Oracle’s ‘Entente’ Exhibition At Anatum’s Abode

A couple of weeks back for three days only Pyramid Oracle’s ‘Entente’ exhibition ran at Anatum’s Abode in Limehouse, in association with the Hidden Streets Of London. On the dark Friday night two weekends back, upon leaving Limehouse DLR station I set off to find this exhibit in order to find myself outside a derelict shop front, which as it turned out provided a very interesting setting for an exhibition, and one which very much suited the work from American artist Pyramid Oracle. Upon entering the exhibit one was confronted by a decaying and derelict setting in a former shop front. The exhibit followed through the building and out into the garden were it was possible to enter the derelict and seemingly abandoned shop front next door.P1090247

For the show Pyramid Oracle had created a series of paste-ups, his favoured style of art with the strong ties to a more elusive style of working, as well as some paintings on reclaimed wood and installations. The urban decay element of the setting really suited this artists work which tends to be in black and white, with occasional appearances of brown in the palette. Pyramid Oracle had created quite the sensory experience, having spent the previous two weeks before the show living on the premises, he used the time the decide where best to present his somewhat Gothic styled works, as well as setting to collect some wild sage and hang it about the place, along side the smell of incense and candles lighting the rooms, this very much made for an interesting experience.












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