Ali Hamish At Work In Shoreditch

On Saturday afternoon we were fortunate enough to bump into several artists painting throughout the day, but ended the afternoon by meeting Himbad and Ali Hamish working on Sclater Street. The pair were in fine spirits while Himbad was working on a piece, and both very sociable to us here at London Calling. Ali Hamish was keeping Himbad company and as the sun started to set and temperatures dropped, he decided the best way to keep warm was to paint, no complaints here. It was great to see Ali knock up one of his trademark street art characters, that of a strong female clutching a goats skull to her face. We loved the way he really brings the muscles out on the arms and it was also interesting to see street art on top of graffiti for a change, very nice spin. Great work Ali, and thanks to you and Himbad for your time, very much appreciated.









The finished piece Saturday evening.


The finished piece this afternoon.

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