New Phlegm Work In Shoreditch

Last week Phlegm spent a good few days laying out this huge and incredible mural in the Red Gallery grounds, Shoreditch. I had been waiting to get to see it and though the grounds are closed at current, obscuring a chance at a full view, the Red Gallery were exceptionally kind in letting me through to view and capture this great work. Phlegm whose images depict gothic characters who generally inhabit scenarios between the Dark Ages and the Age of Enlightenment, creating his monochrome world. For this rather large mural phlegm depicted his trademark character trapped inside a house, reminiscent of the scene from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. while off to the side a TV is flying out the window, paying homage to the former Banksy artwork that used to be on the same street, before being removed and sold at auction. The aspect of this piece I love most is the details in the paintings or photos that adorn the walls of the house, great touch. There is so much detail in this intricate work, you can see why it took him a few days, but he left his mark with a superb addition to London’s street art scene.













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