Giusi Tomasello At Femme Fierce Reloaded

This morning in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series we have Giusi Tomasello who laid out one of the highlights of the festival for us at London Calling. This was only the fourth wall in public which Giusi has painted, not that you would tell to look at it, and our second to witness at London Calling, first seeing Giusi work her stuff at Femme Fierce Croydon. On both occasions we have been very much impressed, and were really happy to see Giusi up her game painting a far more elaborate and detailed piece than her Croydon Femme Fierce work. Giusi really went all out for the big day with her depiction of Artemis, who in Greek Mythology was the Hellenic goddess of the hunt and protector of young girls, a perfect choice for the day, as well as for her style and subjects of choice, focused on strong mythical goddesses and warriors. When you view the piece you are automatically drawn to the striking face and head dress, but there really is so much more to look at, we absolutely love the soft focused air brush sort of style she uses to generate an ethereal quality which fits in with her use of characters from classical mythology. It was an absolute pleasure to meet up with the delightful Giusi Tomasello for the second time painting and watch her work her magic, building up the piece, and to chat throughout the day. Thanks for a great day Giusi and excellent work, very Femme Fierce. We here really hope to see more of her work around London in the future.









Love the Eagle, great touch to her character.




The finished piece.




Proud after a long days work.

2 comments on “Giusi Tomasello At Femme Fierce Reloaded

  1. Guisi is one of my favorite artists that I’ve come across from your blog. Her work is inspiring, vibrant, and liberating.

    I do agree that it’s a great piece for the event and everything about it delivers the message well, right down to the minor details.

    The colors alone impart royalty. The gloss effect brings the piece to life by creating depth while the continuity of colors creates a flowing, yet majestic, transparency. This piece depicts the spirit of the mythological goddess in every which way and what she represents. Love it!

    • So glad someone overseas has got to discover the striking work if Giusi Tomasello. Her glowing style certainly compliments her choice of subject. Fantastic you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

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