Zabou At Femme Fierce Reloaded

This evenings post in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series is Zabou, who really went all out at Femme Fierce Leake Street. On the Saturday, the day before Leake Street, Zabou painted the Shoreditch Art Wall alongside Zina, Lisart and Fio Silva, and certainly went with a thoughtful piece true to the spirit of the Plan UK campaign on the day entitled “Dream Big“. Her piece featured astronaut Anna Fisher and was inspired from a photograph by J. Bryson, which featured on the cover of Life magazine in 1985. Of the piece Zabou aptly said:

“I hope this piece can inspire other people to dream big and accomplish whatever they wish and work hard for. I started street art two years and half ago, I’m small, I don’t like height and being up on a 4m high ladder, but look at what I can do :-)” (From


For Leake Street Zabou went with a more rebellious, and even, cheeky piece entitled “School Is Over Girls…Reload“, which still held her true and consistent message of female empowerment. No artist embraced the spirit of their own piece as much as Zabou – dressed completely in character, as if she was almost painting a portrait of her former self, along with the excellent touch of an additional note she posted up stating “Please Don’t Tell My Mum I’m Not At School”, Zabou clearly had fun and laid out in the process, a real highlight of the day which was very appropriate to the ethos of Femme Fierce Reloaded. It was a real pleasure to witness Zabou build up her piece, stencil by stencil and character by character during the paint jam and end the day with such a work. If Zabou’s previous piece was set to inspire people to “Dream Big”, her Leake Street piece seemed set to inspire people to have fun doing what you may love.













Zabou with her fantastic finished work, a real pleasure to see being built up through out the day.






Be sure to check back soon, we have a few more feature series posts to come from the incredible event, over the coming days.

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