Femme Fierce Reloaded 2015 Review!


Great reworking of the classic Leake Street Tunnel board by Pad.

It finally happened, Femme Fierce Reloaded, organized by Ayaan Bulale, hit Leake Street for the second year running to raise money and awareness for the Plan UK charity “Because I Am A Girl” campaign, which sets to end such acts as forced marriage and FGM in children. All on International Women’s Day and with 150 or so female artists participating, travelling from all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the globe, in the largest all female paint jam ever. We at London Calling Blog arrived at just after 8am in order to be there to enjoy the fun and festivities of the next eleven hours, which promised to be an exceptional event and certainly didn’t disappoint. Just Incredible, anyone who took part viewing the days events and the magic worked will agree, I am sure.


Bright and early at 8am, the artists were waiting to register and receive their paint, paid for through a successful Kickstarter campaign,and get the event started.


The girls painting the walls blue, the colour of the charity campaign, in preparation of the days festivities beginning.

Over the next hour more and more artists showed up and got started in the tunnel and the paint jam hitting full swing. Before long the artists were painting, the public were passing through and music was being played from the centre of the tunnel by a DJ, really generating the full festival experience. The all female ensemble of artists seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the day and made for a really carnival atmosphere, all the while making the intricate, intense and dedicated works they were laboring away on, look easy. There was also a section of activities set up for kids  to paint, run by “the next gen” making sure the event was inclusive to all ages.




Fio Silva working away at a fast pace on her contribution to the festival.


Annatomix’s outline work.


One of Zabou’s stencils.


Work by Ebony Eames, the youngest painter of the day in the main tunnel participating for the Secret Soceity of Super Villains. 


Amara Por Dios at work in the middle of the day.


Maggio working on her wall.


Suzko with her work and that of Stedhead’s to the left which certainly complemented each other.


Handle My Mind.telling it how it is, Femme Fierce.


Cbloxx at work on what was to be a stand out work of the day.


Pang laying out her piece based on Venus. A pleasure to see being made.


Giusi Tomasello adding some features by brush.


Zina nearing the end of her superb contribution to the day, an Egyptian Queen.


One of my favourite pictures of the day. It appears as if Annatomix’s 3D creation is set to smite her as she signs her name, bringing the piece to life. A pleasure to witness this artists work for the first time. Hope we get to see more in London some time.


Zabou who completely immersed herself in the spirit of her piece. She clearly had fun today.


Amaro Por Dios, finished after a long days work, with yet another amazing work. Love the spray cans addition.

Here are a selection of the finished works. Unfortunately due to the incredible number of works created today, it is not possible to feature everyone, so apologies to anyone not featured and here are a selection of our favourites at London Calling Blog from the incredible day.


Georgie, with a very fitting piece to the cause of Plan UK Because I Am A Girl campaign. Powerful piece.P1100832

Lisart’s stencil with her superbly chosen subject of Rosa Parks, very Femme Fierce, great work again Lisart.P1100834

Elno’s large work was delightful and blended in well with the two pieces following to the right, by Stedhead and Suzko.P1110051 - Copy




Simoni Fontana, over from Greece.


Maggio, who once again was painting at super speed and appeared to be done in no time it seemed.P1110059

Towering large scale Stencil work from Thieu.
P1100949Impressive work from Mishfit.


Giusi Tomasello who was out painting only her fourth wall, and she did it with style. Love the motif of the strong female goddess/warrior. Very fitting. 


Amara Por Dios, who it is always a pleasure to witness some work from, was an absolute pleasure to witness her work a whole piece on a large wall for a second time now. 


Vanessa Longchamp’s piece with what at first appears to be a soft character, but is in fact a dark warning of life in forced marriage. Very fitting piece for the campaign which Femme Fierce was supporting.P1110279

Zina, of whom it was the third time here at London Calling Blog in a week that we have been privileged enough to witness her work her magic, with an excellent and large scale portrait of an Egyption Female Pharoah. Love the eyes. Fantastic work Zina.






Hannah Adamaszek who laid out this delightful work, in her trademark style.


Powerful piece, highlighting a key issue of the charity campaign by SOS.P1100887

Neonita’s work just shone in the Leake Street Tunnel, really was eye catching and buzzing almost. P1100889

Pixie painted this delightful Buddhist Sloth, offering a message of peace. What a fun work.


Miss Hazard was down from Bristol and put up this large female portrait, consuming and captivating hair style with so much going on, great work.


Handle My Mind.


Bethan’s second ever wall.


Zabou’s “School Is Over Girls. Reload”, one of the days highlights. Following yesterdays “Dream Big” work in Shoreditch, Zabou went for a more fun twist on the depiction of female empowerment through her work today.P1100659

Fio Silva, winner of the Spring Projects ‘Next Big Thing’ talent search, painting her 4th wall in London in four days, all of which we here have been incredibly fortunate to witness, three being made in their entirety, topped by getting to see her create today. On her first trip out of South America she today painted for the main event of her trip, Femme Fierce Reloaded. Can see why she won the competition, astounding piece from a talented artist. Remember it was courtesy of The Springs Project Femme Fierce Reloaded that brought her to you first.








Lilly Lou.


Jane Laurie.


Aylo & Cbloxx of the Nomad Clan, who really hit out one of the days highlights. Excellent work you two, stand out work for sure.


Pang, with a great work in her true style but with a classical twist.


Floats understated work, which really has so much going on in. Really love the light bulb motive, especially the hot air balloon bulb.





P1110218Adriana Doi.P1100654



Toriah Jaymes, with a nice 80-s retro style colour palette.


Anthea Missy, who superbly altered her normal focus point of the image in order to depict a child locked within a caged wedding ring. Powerful piece on a key theme of the Because I Am A Girl campaign. Excellent message Anthea Missy, true to the cause.






At 7pm after 11 hours in the tunnel, it was time to call it a day, but what a fantastic day, it was just sublime to witness so much incredible art being made and the carnival atmosphere that this generated, which had to be witnessed to believed. Throughout the entire day there was a constant flow of people passing through relentlessly to enjoy the event, by mid-afternoon the central part of the tunnel was consistently packed out, resembling a trip through rush hour London, to admire the event. What an event it was, we at London Calling are incredibly grateful to have been able to be there and witness the formidable event.

We would like to say thanks and congratulations to Ayaan Bulale for an excellent event, just incredible. Thanks to all the talented and friendly artists working away through the day. As well as a thank you to Inspiringcity.com for much information regarding the Femme Fierce Reloaded campaign, before and at the event, immensely appreciated. Finally we wish Plan UK the best of luck in its campaign. What a perfect day.

Over the coming days we will be posting some feature pieces on our favourite individual artists work from Femme Fierce Reloaded, showcasing their work throughout the entire day. Be sure to check back soon.

7 comments on “Femme Fierce Reloaded 2015 Review!

  1. I greatly appreciate your dedication to covering this event and sharing with the rest of world. Thank you. It’s always a treat to see women come together to raise awareness of women’s equality.
    All of these beautiful and talented ladies truly shined in all of their work; all while conveying an important message. I truly felt part of the event.

    Again, I see familiar signature pieces and am introduced to new names/works. Fio Silva, while new to the scene, is an incredible artist. The use of animals incorporated with the elements of nature is a nice touch. Fairly common in the Latin American region, but the finish adds a nice twist. I do like this rising star.

    Annatomix was another that stood out and is also new artist for me. I like the 3D touch and looking forward to seeing more of her work.

    Artista’s familiar work was lovely to see once again. Love the message behind this piece; relatable across many platforms while promoting creativity from the viewer’s perspective.

    Zina’s portrait made an impression. I think her message was concrete and reflected on what women/young girls can achieve physically, mentally, emotionally…empowerment.

    Zabou’s piece was fun and rebellious. I loved it through and through. Time to break down barriers ladies!

    Amara Por Dios; her work was also fun and embodied the life of a street artist.

    Anthea Missy – the message in this piece was moving and certainly conveyed a somber message about child marriages. Though not prevalent in first world countries, is very much alive and thriving in others. My heart goes out to those children. Thank you for including this piece.

    Giusi is by far my favorite artist. I love everything about this portrait. From the colors and the fine detail, to her warrior pose; everything about this piece just screams EMPOWERMENT. I love it!

    I absolutely loved all the pieces and can chat about them all day long. Thanks again for covering this event. By doing so, you contributed toward raising awareness locally and across the world alongside of these talented ladies. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much for your response Maria727, am really glad you enjoyed the post. It was an incredible day and I agree the best thing was seeing great works by familiar artists, along with discovering new talented artists.

      The broad range if artists certainly made for an interesting collection. Great selections as highlights from the events, we appreciate knowing whose work people enjoyed most. You mentioned several of our favourites, who will or already have been the subject of feature pieces from the day. Great to know how much you lived Giusi Tomasello’s work, she will be the subject of our next in focus piece. Hope you enjoy. Thanks a lot.

  2. Excellent review of the event. Street art is one of the great levellers in the art world, appealing to young and old, rich and poor and this event was a great way to highlight Plan UK’s important work and also a great way of promoting the female talent in street art.

    The thing that really stood out for me was the way you have conveyed the atmosphere of the event – inclusive, fun, but with a serious purpose. The works featured outlined the message of international women’s day a time when women all over the world celebrate what it means to be female, to be free and to continue fight for each other – and importantly the event featured women from all over the world – from Europe, South America, and the UK, all together, in London – probably the most inclusive and multicultural city in the world!

    My personal favourites, Aylo and CBloxx’s piece – the picture book style of innocence! and then Artista’s cute character waiting to be born! 🙂

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