New Lost Souls Mural Crew Mural In The Juno Bar Shoreditch

At the end of last week the Lost Souls Crew painted a new mural in the basement of the Juno Bar on Shoreditch High Street. I headed down on Saturday after reading about it on Friday and the staff at the Juno Bar were more than kind in allowing me to go visit the piece in the basement, usually reserved for music nights and private functions. In true Lost Souls Crew style the piece has a lot going on and is huge, running along the whole wall length. Unfortunately due to the lengths piece, the limited distance one can walk back from the work and the dark lighting, it was impossible to capture the whole piece in one or even two pictures. So I will just show you the various characters from the superb Lost Souls Crew mural. I am glad I got to see, great work Lost Souls and thanks to the Juno Bar staff.



Si Mitchell’s work.



Squirl & SPzero76 in the centre.


Squirl’s piece.


SPzero’s contribution.



Captain Kris’s piece.



You can view the Lost Souls Crew piece they painted a few weeks ago in Blackall Street a short distance away from this work (covered here).

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