Giusi Tomasello At Femme Fierce Croydon 2015

In our second feature piece from Femme Fierce Croydon we have London based Italian artist Giusi Tomasello. She was painting on Park Street next to the bus stop with plenty of people passing by. You would think this would of been daunting considering this was only the third wall Giusi has painted, and none on this scale before, however she pulled off a great piece that was a highlight of the festival. She couldn’t of been nicer, working away with the public passing along and allowing us at London Calling to take plenty of pictures of this lovely piece throughout the process. Incredible that this was only her third piece in public. Great work.













3 comments on “Giusi Tomasello At Femme Fierce Croydon 2015

  1. This was an absolutely delightful post! I love this piece and empowering to say the least. The fierce color used really made for a bold statement. You captured the process very nicely and I would agree that this piece truly embraces the theme . I for one would love to have this displayed in my home. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, it is only fitting seeing as Giusi Tomasello was an absolute delight to meet and watch work. I agree the colour scheme is fierce and striking, really works well with the navy background she started with. Yes, the proud strong woman subject matter is not only eye-catching but certainly embraced the theme of the event, nice point. I will be sure to share her work from Femme Fierce Reloaded on March 8th.

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