New Nerone Street Art in East London

Earlier this year London saw street artist and graffiti writer Nerone leave to head home to France this year, and we wish him all the best. However it is a shame to not see his art as frequently as we would like to about the city, he has still been back at least once this year and while he did he hit up a beautiful larges-scale mural in East London. We are also sharing his last letter work before he left London below. It’s truly impressive to see the range of styles and subjects in this artists repertoire, whilst always maintaining the quintessential character of his output, there’s a lot this artist can offer and do. Of the only two fresh works we have seen from Nerone this year, the latter presents one of his trademark vibrant and retro colour-palette fueled floral driven scenes.Whilst the letter work from earlier this year is so clean and offers a Tronesque retro electric vibe, all presented in such beautiful harmonious colours.


Work on St Matthew’s Row, Bethnal Green.


Copy of P1790772

Work in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.

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