New Float Street Art in Penge and Anerley

In the summer we received a visit from Canadian based artist Float, who left London around six years ago, so it was an absolute pleasure to see her after so long and all the more so that she painted a lovely abstract work in the mini-gallery that is Thornsett Place. We also got a real flash back to wandering around the East End seven or eight years ago when if you kept your eyes peeled you may notice a tiny stencil of a figure hanging from a ledge, or a skater flying along a pipe, it was a feel good nostalgic moment to have Float leave so many miniature additions to the town. So keep your eyes peeled and you may see some. On her brief visit to SE20 Float hit up one garage door, along with 16 of her mini stencils in the town, followed by a further 19 placed up around the Penge Rooftop Gallery. Making for a staggering 37 of her skaters, gents in the rain and hanging figures in well placed spots. The works below were put up with support from London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20.

Work in Thornsett Place, Anerley.




2 comments on “New Float Street Art in Penge and Anerley

  1. Please can you say if the book of Penge street art has been reprinted ?  Thank you for your help. Kind regards Iris Holden.

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