New Dave Plants and Curiouser Street Art in Penge

Next up in our lengthy run of catching up with what we have been up to in our corner of South-East London over the recent few months we are taking a look at a fantastic pair of work from street artist Curiouser and graffiti writer Dave Plants placed up over the summer in the centre Penge for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project.

First up we have a collaborative piece from the Italian born. but London based artists, titled Find the Light which is such a soulful striking piece, featuring a female subject at its centre, lit by candle light on one side an accompanied by an owl on the left, setting to find her way cautiously in the all consuming darkness. Secondly we was treated to a second visit from Dave Plants who dropped an incredibly fun scene depicting a bear and a lion having a night out in London with a couple of pints on the go.

We of course wish to say a massive thank you to each of the respective space owners who kindly donated a spot and trusted us to work it. As well as a massive thank you to both Dave Plants and Curiouser for coming to visit the area to support this initiative and for leaving an excellent pair of artworks in the process. Both of the fantastic works below can be found in Penge, and were put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.


Dave Plants and Curiouser at work.


Dave Plants and Curiouser at work.


The striking finished piece Find the Light, by Curiouser and Dave Plants in Maple Road, Penge. For this work Curiouser painted the central female subject, Dave Plants painted the accompanying owl on the left, and the pair created the night sky backdrop.











Fun work by Dave Plants in Southey Street, Penge.




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