New Only Graffiti ‘Price, Paid.’for Remembrance Day in Brick Lane

Last week in Pedley Street, Brick Lane saw Graffiti Writer Only place up the latest of his exceptional 3D graffiti pieces, again making for one of the most impressive works we have seen on our latest ventures up to Shoreditch.  This writer’s latest body of works presents an incredible fusion of traditional graffiti lettering and intensely detailed scenery, creating a piece within a piece dynamic, offering so much to take in and admire within these pieces. This work is titled Price, Paid. and was placed up ahead of Remembrance Day as a touching tribute to all those men and women who have served their nation and endured the most horrific of circumstances and for many, paid the ultimate sacrifice. The work has so much going on in the imagery, depicting soldiers advancing in battle and carrying wounded men, whilst planes fly overhead and rise up over the letter structure. All tied together with a series of poppies set dripping out of the presented scene, sliding down the wall. The depth and details in this work are so incredibly clean, it really has to be seen to be appreciated and we for one eagerly anticipate what’s next from this artist.






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