New Aspire Street Art in Peckham

Last week saw one of London’s most prolific Street Artists, namely Aspire, take to the legal walls comprising the railway arches near Queens Road Peckham to leave this fantastic artwork that was a most unexpected treat for us on our journey through Peckham. The work in question features Aspire’s a bird, this artist’s most prominent subject, and in this case a Blue Tit, set perched upon a peeled banana. It’s interesting to see the spate of food and consumer items accompanying his feathered subjects over the last year in a number of his artworks, We for one have seen scotch eggs, a tin of baked beans and a tooth brush incorporated into his pieces of late. Always a pleasure to see work from this artist and this superb piece is no exception. This work can be found behind Brimmington Park, Peckham.





One comment on “New Aspire Street Art in Peckham

  1. This one is fantastic, as per. Thank you for featuring this work, I’ll be going to Peckham asap to check it out 💙 💛

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