New Kid Crayon & Keo Match Street Art ‘Bro Fist’ in Brick Lane

Last week saw Bristol based Street Artist Kid Crayon make a visit to London, which resulted in a superb collaboration with Keo Match in Allen Gardens, just behind Brick Lane – accessible via Pedley Street – depicting a character from each respective artist engaged in an explosive fist bump. It is interesting to see each of the illustrative styles from both of the respective artists compliment each other so well and working so harmoniously in this piece titled Bro Fist.


Bro Fist by Kid Crayon & Keo Match.


Work by Kid Crayon.


Work by Keo Match.


2 comments on “New Kid Crayon & Keo Match Street Art ‘Bro Fist’ in Brick Lane

  1. Very nice to see Kid Crayon out painting walls again, he has been pretty quiet over the last six months or so. He has just painted in St Werburghs tunnel in Bristol last week too.

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