New Enigm Street Art in Shoreditch

One of the most exciting additions to London’s thriving Street Art scene of late has been the arrival in London of Japanese artist Enigm who has painted a series of works all around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. three of which we have too share with you below. Taking a rich illustrative style heavily influenced by cross-hatching approach Enigm’s work has a very historically old-fashioned quality, the technique and colour scheme brings to mind drawings from the middle-ages. Below we have two solo pieces and one collaboration with London street artist Owe1 in which they created a superb steampunk inspired snail race scene. We look forward very much to seeing what else Enigm leaves on London’s streets over the coming months on his visit to London.


Work in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.



Work by Enigm & Owe1 on Bethnal Green Road.


Work by Enigm.


Work by Owe1.


Work by Enigm & Owe1.

Work on Shoreditch High Street.

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