New Gums & Tongue Graffiti in Shoreditch

Next up we are taking a look at a trio of Graffiti productions we have spied of late around Shoreditch from Gums & Tongue crew members The Real Dill, Dahkoh & Captain Kris who always deliver some of the best group works fusing letters and characters. It’s always a pleasure to see fresh work from these guys and the two three additions to the East End are no exception – especially the nostalgic dragon fueled work in Holywell Lane.


Works by Ed Hicks, The Real Dill, Dahkoh and Captain Kris with a dragon inspired theme offering a slightly dark take on a pair of Disney dragons from Pete’s Dragon (on the left) and the Sword and the Stone (on the right) in Holywell Lane. Shoreditch.


Work by Ed Hicks & The Real Dill.


Work by Ed Hicks.


Work by The Real Dill.


Work by Dahkoh.


Work by Captain Kris.

Work by The Real Dill, Dahkoh & Captin Kris in Rivington Street with this Crash Bandicoot inspired production.

Work by The Real Dill.

Work by Dahkoh.

Work by Captain Kris.


Work by Captain Kris, The Real Dill & Dahkoh in Braithwaite Street, Shoreditch.


Work by Captain Kris.


Work by The Real Dill.


Work by Dahkoh.

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