New Woskerski Street Art in Anerley

Here we are taking a look at a recent addition to Anerley by street artist Woskerksi placed up iin St Hugh’s Road in an ongoing project we are working on with the St Hugh’s Community Centre and Clarion, marking the 6th work placed up on garage doors so far in St Hugh’s Estate.

This fun scene, one that very much brings a smile to our face, marks the ninth time Woskerksi has painted around SE20 in the last three years, with our personal favourite still being the punk teddy bear set flying through the night sky that was painted along Maple Road in 2017 and sadly no longer there. However that isn’t to say we don’t love the artists’ latest addition to the area, presenting a rubber duck spilling towards an excitable freedom from the jug it is flowing from, generating such a sense of happiness, just look at the expression on the rubber ducky’s face!

We would as always wish to say thank you to the owner of the space for donating a space for the new artwork for the whole community to enjoy. We also would like to offer a big thank you to team at the St Hugh’s Community Centre and Clarion for their help in this lovely initiative. As always a big thank you to Woskerksi for revisiting Penge to add some more fantastic art to our corner of the city.



Woskerski at work.


The fantastic finished piece.





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