New Maikel Walkman Street Art in Selhurst

Here we are playing catch up with a lovely work placed up a few months back by Street Artist Maikel Walkman for a community led initiative we are involved with in Selhurst around the back of Selhurst Station to brighten up the area in the form of some Street Art. Maikel Walkman set to paint one of his mannequin creations that the artist has been working with over the two years or so. For this occasion Maikel Walkman set to create mannequin character model set on a desk flanked by a paint pen and tipped cup of pens and in front of the neon pink letters the resting pen produced. It is interesting to see how this artist has developed these characters over the previous two years, setting to ever fill his inanimate subjects with so much life, movement and character.

We of course have to say a massive thank you to CASSA as well as a big thank you to the team at Network Rail for supporting such initiatives and all their help on this project and who both have trusted the artists to do what they do best by giving them free reign to do their thing for the community to enjoy. As well as a really big THANK YOU to Maikel Walkman for coming to down to support this initiative and for leaving such a fun artwork in the process. This superb work can be found in Dagnall Park, Selhurst, just behind the back of Selhurst Station.


Maikel Walkman at work.


The fantastic finished piece.





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