New Airborne Mark Street Art in Penge

Here we are playing catch up with a work placed by Street Artist Airborne Mark back in the summer in Penge adding another fantastic addition to SE20 for our SprayExhibition20 Community Mural Project,  allowing Airborne Mark the chance to work his case studies in light and shadow through his favoured paper platforms. The work in question features a hand – marking the 4th time Airborne Mark has painted a realistic human hand to accompany his Origami subjects – set holding a rose which was folded by the artist and based on a traditional Origami Kawaskai rose. We realy love the sense of movement in the piece with Airborne Mark superbly setting to capture a snapshot of the moment when the person in the image is falling forward and about to drop the origami creation.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of the Maple Tree for allowing Airborne Mark to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Airborne Mark for coming again down to add this delightful work to the area. This work can be found in Padua Road, Penge.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark kindly taking the time to speak to an eager crowd for the free tour of the Street Art around SE20 we conducted in the summer for the Penge Art Trail.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark’s hand folded origami rose.


Airborne Mark burning his reference model at the end of his two days work.


The superb finished piece.




You can also view this video by Airborne Mark on the making of this piece “from fold to walls”. 

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