New TRUST.iCON Street Art ‘Psycho’ in Penge

We have quite a few older works to catch up with from the last 3 or 4 months around London and one of which is this fantastic work entitled ‘Psycho’ by TRUST.iCON placed up in Penge. Through his artistic output Trust Icon sets to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour often based on subjects from popular culture injected into each design, making his style his very own and his works what they are. His latest addition to SE20 is no exception with a piece that took on two key subjects and fused them harmoniously together. The first of which is influenced by a cease and desist order that was issued to the artist regarding his depiction of characters from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts series, not letting such things stop iCON from doing his thing, this design features Lucy in her Psychiatric Booth where other characters from the series come by to tell Lucy their problems, where she in turn spouts useless advise. On this occasion we have a figure that is increasingly proving to be rather infamous to put it lightly on this side of the Pond, namely American President Donald Trump sat receiving some well needed Psychiatric help in the form of Lucy. A superb design which was placed up to coincide with Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK in the summer and one that makes ourselves smile every time we get to pass by it in out hometown, a clever and humorous depiction of someone truly in need of Psychiatric help.









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