New Banksy Street Art at Marble Arch

So Thursday night following 10 days of activity and protests from Extinction Rebellion who are acting to urge the government to be truthful and act appropriately to the scale of the current climate crisis, a new mural in support of the cause emerged overnight at the site of one of the main camps for the group, namely Marble Arch.

The mural has been hailed as being by the most famed of all Street Artists, Banksy. The mural was created while protesters were at Speakers Corner for Thursday’s ‘closing ceremony’. This work has not been confirmed officially by Banksy and he hasn’t signed his works for some time. However the style, subject and placement all scream of Banksy, and if it isn’t banksy someone really has done a great job replicating his style and sense of drama. The work in question depicts a little girl holding a placard depicting the Extinction Rebellion symbol and the girl is set aside a freshly planted sapling and shovel set next to the text “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin” making a call to action for positive change that lies with all of us. This work can be found at Marble Arch – for now anyway – and is currently covered in perspex for protection.


“From this moment despair ends and tactics begin” by Banksy.







Ever an occasion to attract a big crowd.




It wasn’t just the public enjoying the artwork, with the officers on duty awaiting the arrival of the perspex covering soon to adorn this work also enjoying the moment. 





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