New Giusi Tomasello Street Art ‘Snow Queen’ in Penge

Here we are takinga  look at one of the two lovely additions to Penge placed up from the absolutely amazing day we had on our recent ‘Anythings Better Than A Blank Wall’ Street Art tour of SprayExhibition20 in memory of Gordon Gibbens who we recently learned sadly passed away in 2017 aged 86 after spending the previous two decades documenting graffiti and street art around London and beyond. In 2012 Gordon was diagnosed with Cancer and spent the next five years never giving up on his love of getting out and about to photograph some fresh works. The inspiring story of Gordon Gibbens has been told in a beautifully put together book entitled ‘How Graffiti Saved My Dad’s Life (At Least For A While)’ by his daughter Jane Murphy which tells the story of her Dad’s love of Graffiti & Street Art. The book tells a moving story with such love, strength and humour and all accompanied by a fantastic selection of some of Gordon’s photos. All proceeds from the book are going to St Christopher’s Hospice from where Gordon made some of his final graffiti ventures and the tour we put on was to raise funds for the hospice. You can learn more about Gordon’s story (covered here) but the book is definitely worth getting for the true insight in to Gordon’s determined character.

Not only did we have a lovely time showing off all the wonderful artworks around SE20 in Gordon’s memory, with people traveling from all around the country and even Europe to endure virtually every known weather condition. But with the generosity of everyone who turned out  helped raise £377.20 including a further 16 book sales of ‘How Graffiti Saved My Dad’s Life (At Least For a While)’ with all proceeds going to St Christopher’s Hospice in neighbouring Sydenham from where Gordon made some of his final Graffiti ventures.

The beautifully presented book about Gordon’s passion for Graffiti is only £6.99 with all proceeds being donated to St Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham, South London. So not only is it a moving and inspiring story full of great pictures and superbly written, it is also for a good cause. Should you be interested you can purchase your copy here: 

The first of the two new artworks placed up for the occasion that we are taking a look at here is the striking and most aptly focused considering the weather when it was placed up work entitled ‘Snow Queen’ by Giusi Tomasello who made her third visit to Penge  from over the last three years to leave this fantastic work for all to enjoy. This work can be found in Ravenscroft Road (Elmers End Road end).







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