New Dan Kitchener Street Art in Croydon

Continuing with the wave of recent activity around Croydon of late here we are going to take a look at a fantastic recent addition to the town centre by Dan Kitchener. Located at the corner of Park Street / Croydon High Street Dan Kitchener’s latest – and most striking – London mural takes the viewer to Tokyo in the setting for his newest ‘Liquid Lights’ scene. His compositions create a beautiful focus on light, shadow and perspective to make the mundane and in some cases miserable scenes he regularly focuses on look beautiful.This piece has so much depth to it, with the scene just flowing into the wall it adorns, so that when you stand across the street from the work, it appears as if you could cross the road and step into the neon world of this city on the other side of the planet. Always a pleasure to see some fresh Dan Kitchener work about town.


A blank canvas ready to undergo transformation.


Dan Kitchener sketching out.


Dan Kitchener sketching out his ghost lines.


The stunning finished piece.









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