New David de la Mano Street Art “The Wave” in Brick Lane

A few weeks back saw London receive a visit from Spanish artist David de la Mano who left Brick Lane with an absolutely captivating mural placed up ahead of his currently running exhibition at the Hang-Up Gallery. For nearly 30 years now David de la Mano has worked in a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation and land art, however over the last 8 years his primary output has shifted towards creating murals.

His murals focus on monochromatic images depicting silhouettes of scenes and landscapes often created on a large scale working with a rather minimalist aesthetic to explore notions of the ‘other’ and the social or anti-social behaviors prevalent in their culture to provoke visions of the human state within society, as is the case with his latest London mural entitled “The Wave” with a scene provoking a sense of humanity’s desire to conquer the natural world at all costs. This fantastic work can be found in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, and was put up with support from the Hang-Up Gallery.







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