New Jaune Street Art Around Brick Lane

A couple of weeks back saw a flood of activity around Brick Lane with several artists painting in the days leading up to the Moniker Art Fair 2017 which took place last weekend. One of such artists was visiting Belgian Street Artist Jaune who laid out a series of five fantastic miniature stencil scenes which depict his trademark binmen characters. A subject Juane started implementing on the streets of his native Belgium in 2011, the artist has certainly run with this concept over the last six years. Deciding to focus on this brand of workmen who the artist choose to focus his work on due to their ability to blend into the environment, playing on the fact that many people don’t notice such workers who certainly present an active presence about any town but are mostly ignored. So its playing on this sense of being forgotten or neglected from mass consciousness that has led to Jaune creating an ever expanding series of surreal and mischievous scenarios that subvert the realm ofa cceptable behaviour in society and are guaranteed to bring a smile to one’s face. These works  around Brick Lane were put up with support from the Thinkspace Gallery as part of the Moniker Art Fair 2017 Mural Programme.


Work along Brick Lane.





Work along Brick Lane.


Work at the corner of Buxton Street & Brick Lane.




Work in Osborne Street.




Work in Sclater Street, Shoreditch.


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