Gums & Tongues Farewell Street Art Collaboration For Tony Boy In Camden Town

A few weeks back saw a Paint Jam put together by the Gums & Tongues crew in Camden Town to say farewell to Tony Boy, who has sadly now ceased living in London and moved back to his native Spain. It will certainly be a shame to not see any of Tony Boy’s art around London from now on, truly an artist that seems to get better and better as the months and walls pass, but something we are glad to have been able to witness over the last few years.

So it was only fitting that the moment be marked with one last Paint Jam for now which is why the 11 artists involved came together to transform this space with a whole host of characters and creations. We would also like to say adios to Tony Boy and hope to see you pass back through London before to long. This work can be found in Regent’s Park Road, Camden Town, and was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


Works Fanakapan, The Real Dill, Tony Boy, Dahkoh, Obit, Alex Amery & Agwa, Cloakwork, Bill Thorpe, Tony Riff & Egg Cru.


Works Fanakapan, The Real Dill, Tony Boy, & Dahkoh.


Works Dahkoh, Obit, Alex Amery, Agwa & Cloakwork.


Works by Cloakwork, Bill Thorpe, Tony Riff & Egg Cru.


Work by Fanakapan.


Work by The Real Dill.


Work by Tony Boy.


Work by Dahkoh.


Work by Obit.


Work by Alex Amery.


Work by Agwa.


Work by Cloakwork.


Work by Bill Thorpe.


Work by Tony Riff.


Work by Egg Cru.

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