New Conor Harrington Street Art In Brick Lane

A few weeks back saw Conor Harrington paint in Brick Lane for the group show ‘Festival Iminente’‘ curated by Vhils, a couple of works remain when we finally managed to sneak in the other day, one of which by Ben Eine was obscured with clutter, however the second, a stunning piece by Conor Harrington, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse. In his work Conor Harrington sets to create hyper-realistic images in a very classical painting tradition incorporating abstract and obscured elements to accompany his bold Military subjects. Harrington often focuses in great detail on certain parts of the figure while obscuring others through his use of techniques including bold line work, shading, drip work and a striking colour palette to accompany his rich painterly style. Always a pleasure to gaze upon his paintings, truly one of the very best mural artists the world over, as you can see from this work below.




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