‘Get Lit’ Exhibition At BSMT Space

A couple of weeks back saw the opening of the latest exhibition at the BSMT SPACE gallery in Dalston, on this occasion with a superb group show entitled ‘Get Lit’. The show presents an excellent body of work of works focusing on all things neon, so showcasing a variety of subjects expressed on a range of pieces, from classic neon works, work on fabrics and a host of paintings.

Always a pleasure to visit BSMT Space as no other gallery at current in London is putting together so many impressive and diverse exhibitions, along with the unpretentious attitude that accompanies this gallery and the staff there, somewhere you can go and see fantastic art without being looked down upon or given the immediate hard sale, always a pleasure to visit BSMT Space. The BSMT Space can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road and the Get Lit group show runs until July 16th, so if you haven’t already, head along to see the great show for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.



Jylie Navarro – ‘Chandelier’ – Neon Wool.


Alex Amery – ‘Untitled’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Dscreet – ‘Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


The Real Dill – ‘Mushroom Is The Best’ – Flourescent Acrylic on Board.


Saturno – ‘Red Feeling 1’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Saturno – ‘Red Feeling 2’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Straker – ‘Untitled’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Andy Doig – ‘Candyflake Cross’ – Timber, Hand Cast Acrylic, Neon, Brass & Uranium Glass Spacers.


Fanakapan – ‘Trip’ – Spray Paint on Canvas.


Nick Flatt & Paul Punk– ‘Light My Fire’ – Acrylic on Coated MDF with LED Back Lights.


Nerone – ‘About You 1’ – Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas.


Nerone – ‘About You 2’ – Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas.


Andy Doig – ‘Sick’ – Neon & Glass.


616 – ‘Ivy’ – Acrylic on LED Panel.


Voyder – ‘Lined’ – Spray Paint on Canvas.


Voyder – ‘The Origin Of Species’ – Spray Paint on Canvas.


Rebecca Mason – ‘Money Talks: Undersharing’ – Neon on Acrylic, Aluminium & Print in Deep Aluminium Frame with UK Transformer plus Dog Collar on Chain.

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