New C215 Street Art Around Brick Lane

Last month saw the first visit to London to lay out some works by French stencil artist C215 in some 3-4 years now, so it was an absolute pleasure to wander around Brick Lane and spy the half-a-dozen works C215 left the area with whilst over for his most recent London solo exhibition at the nearby Stolenspace Gallery. Creating a series of works in his distinct small-scale stencil styling with works constructed from up to 8-10 layers of hand-cut stencils it is mightily impressive feat with the level of detail and depth this artist is capable of generating in such little works.


Work depicting Amy Winehouse in Osborn Street.



Work depicting Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones in Osborn Street.



Work depicting ???? in Brick Lane.


Work depicting Lemmy of Motorhead in Quaker Street.


Work in Sclater Street portraying a favourite subject of C215, namely cats.



Work depicting Iggy Pop in Brick Lane.

2 comments on “New C215 Street Art Around Brick Lane

  1. A great selection. It’s interesting that these are mostly portraits of famous people whereas the C215 stencils around Paris are mostly anonymous faces of people you might overlook in the street (or that’s how his website describes them). It maybe of course that I don’t recognise the French celebrities!

  2. the rapper is a French guy called Booba – also, I think the number of layers of stencils is much less than you say (from 2 to 5)…

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