New Ali Hamish Street Art On The Shoreditch Art Wall

A few weeks back saw Street Artist Ali Hamish take to the Shoreditch Art Wall during a quiet lull week in-between the regular rotating adverts. Sadly this work is already gone so all the more reason to share it here with you, all the more so as it was created to promote a fundraising Art Auction Ali Hamish is putting on tomorrow night at the Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch, to raise money for Raleigh International as part of a volunteering scheme in Nicaragua Ali Hamish will be partaking in this summer.

Certainly a fun piece that is very much Ali Hamish, presenting a host of characters and subjects presented in such a distinct illustrative style and set to a limited yet striking colour palette of red, black and white. The fundraising auction takes place tomorrow night – 18/05/17 – and starts at 7pm at the Blues Kitchen Shoreditch which can be found at 134-136 Curtain Road, Shoreditch. There are sure to be some fantastic artworks on offer and all for a good cause and well demonstrated with Ali Hamish’s recent work on the Shoreditch Art Wall.






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