New Ser Street Art On The Village Underground

A few weeks back saw Greek Street Artist Ser visit London to paint the iconic Village Underground wall in Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, for the Education Is A Not A Crime campaign which sets to raising awareness of the Iranian Bahai people who are denied the right to higher education by the Iranian government.

A pioneer of the Street Art scene in his native Greece, Ser works with an range of styles ranging from traditional Graffiti, pop culture and surrealism – depicted through his larger than life fantasy character creations and scenes from his fictional fantasy world Porartia home to a whole host of intriguing characters and scenes which are set to such lovely tones focused predominantly around pink and blue colour schemes. His works really do just have such a sense of life and fun as well as a feeling of movement about the flow of his works, truly a pleasure to witness.

This is the third mural on this wall we have seen from the Not A Crime charity, who had a work commissioned on this same wall by Dave the Chimp in January 2016 (covered here) for Education Is Not A Crime as well as a mural by Polish Street Artist Zbiok for the Journalism Is Not A Crime campaign for persecuted journalists in Iran in August 2015. You can view our post on this work (covered here).






To find out more about the meaning behind this work check out this fantastic interview with Ser on

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