New Lolie Darko & Tommy Fiendish Street Art Collaboration In Dalston

Now we are taking a trip to Dalston where last weel in Shackwell Lane Street Artists Lolie Darko and Tommy Fiendish painted a superb collaboration piece for the opening of Lolie Darko’s current solo show ‘La Fete Triste’ at the BSMT Space (which we have been to see, is very impressive and we shall be sharing here soon). Certainly an interesting collaboration with the pairs disparate styles fusing so well through the somewhat dark view of the world presented through their respective subjects. This fantastic work was put up with support from BSMT Space which can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road, just across from this fantastic wall shared below.




Work by Tommy Fiendish with the addition of the balloon by Lolie Darko.


Centre stage by Lolie Darko  with the floating chess piece added by Tommy Fiendish.


Work by Tommy Fiendish with the addition of the monkey by Lolie Darko.

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