New DRT Street Art Around London

Over the last couple of weeks London has seen the return of Abstract focused Street Artist DRT who has not wasted any time in getting out to create some fresh works with firstly the largest piece to date we have seen from this artist placed up in Camden Town and a work that we are very happy to share, placed up in Penge for our SprayExhibition20 Community Project. Both features DRT’s Abstract pattern work which very much resembles a stained glass effect and as is the case with these two recent works, the change of direction expanding from the centre of the piece sets to generate a sense of flow and that of shattering glass.


Fantastic work in Stucley Place, Camden, put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art.




DRT at work in Penge.


DRT at work in Penge.


DRT at work in Penge.


The lovely finished piece to be found in Ravenscroft Road, Penge, and put up with support from London Calling Blog.




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