New Jimmy C Street Art Around London

Last week in London saw a wave of activity from Street Artist Jimmy C who has hit up a trio of delightful and diverse pieces around East, West and South London. We have been treated to a fresh splash of cosmic ‘Street Heart’ in Shoreditch, that is just so full of positive energy. A portrait of a homeless man painted for the launch of the ‘Humans Of London’ book in Acton Town and finally is the excellent portrait of William Shakespeare placed up in the most suitable of locations namely Southwark the historical home of the writer just along from the Globe Theatre. Working in his trademark style influenced by Pointillism and the aboriginal culture of his native Australia these works certainly stop you in your tracks to take in the sense of energy and movement among his subjects and scenes which are so full of life.


A fresh addition of ‘Street Heart’ to Shoreditch in Redchurch Street, just lovely and full of positive vibes.





Jimmy C at work in Acton Town.


Jimmy C at work.


The finished work a portrait of Jay a homeless man from Acton featured in the ‘Humans Of London’ book who has since being interviewed for the publication found work as a coffee barista. A great piece despite the far from perfect canvas Jimmy C had to work on, nonetheless we love the plain background bringing the soul focus on the individual presented before you. We also like how the security measures placed above the wall create a sense of how someone like Jay can become trapped by their circumstances with little chance of escape. This work can be found in the garden of The Aeronaut pub in Acton Town.




Portrait of Mick by Jimmy C placed up in Brick Lane last year, alongside a photo of Mick in the ‘Humans of London’ book by Cathy Teesdale. You can see our post on this work and see the relevance it has to this publication in our post (covered here).


A fantastic and most striking mural of William Shakespeare place up in Clink Street in the heart of Southwark the home of this most iconic of writers. Set to a somewhat psychedelic swirling backdrop which seemingly projects from the colours the main subject is wearing, creating a sense of the energy flowing from the central figure. The portrait created in his Pointillist driven styling is just so striking and full of life as well as being immediately recognizable as William Shakespeare, something which seemed to instantly prove popular with the many people passing by and stopping to take pictures of and with the work. It’s always fantastic to see Street Art appear in areas previously devoid of it and as we don’t expect to see any more pop up in this corner of Southwark any time forthcoming it’s just as well what is there now is so good.











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