New Zabou Street Art Around The East End – November 2016

It’s been a mere week or so since we last had some fresh works from this Zabou to set off to see and share here with you including one we have yet been able to locate. Here we are taking a look at a pair of fresh new works placed up in Brick Lane and Whitechapel, both reworking spots that already played host to her creations fueled by her own brand of fun and beauty.


‘Keep Out!’ in New Goulston Street, Whitechapel, a fantastic horror themed piece painted just for Halloween and as is often the case with Zabou’s works offering that interactive dynamic for its passing audience.





Works by ROA, Zabou, 616, Jimmy C and Zabou.


A fresh reworking of the spot which was the subject of one of our earliest blog posts here at London Calling Blog in February 2015. Still maintaining the more religious symbolism focus of her previous longstanding work, this new piece certainly offers a fresh look and some much needed life to this drab section of Brick Lane.




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