New Pyramid Oracle Street Art Around Brick Lane Ahead Of His Solo Exhibition ‘OCULUS’ At BSMT Space

Well it is with great pleasure that Brooklyn Street Artist Pyramid Oracle is back in London and we get to report on his works again – Pyramid Oracle was in fact our third ever blog post back in January 2015, all seems so long ago now. Pyramid Oracle is over ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition ‘OCULUS’ at BSMT Space which opens this week and in the mean time has thus far placed up five fantastic large feature hand-painted paste-ups around Brick Lane and several of his smaller signature image of the all seeing eye.

Shunning the attention one receives whilst painting on the streets and the most part, though not exclusively, Pyramid Oracle prefers to hand paint his works in the studio then find a suitable location for them to reside. The effect of which is striking, intricate and immersed with symbolic dynamics pertaining to views on the human spirit and the world around it and with every piece telling a story.

The BSMT Space gallery can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road and the ‘OCULUS’ show opens this Thursday and runs until August 24th.


Striking work in Sclater Street.




Very well placed work in Hanbury Street.




Great work in Osborne Street.




Intense work in Buxton Street.



Superb work in Brick Lane at the entrance to Star Yard, also our favourite of the recent pieces from Pyramid Oracle around Brick Lane.




One of several signature images we sighted pasted up around Brick Lane.

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