New Jerry Rugg Street Art Around London

Indeed we are playing catch up again, but we assure you all these things we are catching up on are worth it. On this occasion we have a post on visiting Canadian Graphic Designer and Street Artist BirdO aka Jerry Rugg who was in England to take part at Upfest and took the time around the event to leave London with a trio of superb works – two collaborations and one solo work. Being an artist we have long admired on social media we were delighted to hear that Jerry Rugg was visiting London and certainly wasn’t left disappointed by the result. Presenting realistic animal creations infused with graphic design principles, the contrast between the soft subject and the comparitively harsh geometric dynamics present an interesting contrast that really meet to bring so much life and depth to the fun and fantastic murals he creates.


Jerry Rugg at work in Bethnal Green on a collaboration with Louis Masai.


The stunning finished piece by Jerry Rugg and Louis Masai in Bethnal Green.  The excellent collaboration features a pair of entwined Common Crane’s which have been reintroduced into British Wildlife. This duo make for a great pair to work together as this piece amply demonstrates, with the softness of Louis Masai’s patchwork depiction sitting harmoniusly with the bright and more distorted elements of Jerry Rugg’s surreal and absorbing creation. This work was put up with support from Hidden Streets Of London






Detail of work by Louis Masai.


Detail of work by Jerry Rugg.


Love the falling feathers from the pair, such a subtle addition really in the spirit of a well executed collaboration.





Fantastic solo work from Jerry Rugg in Camden Town making excellent use of the space available, utilizing the seven doors to create this 3D Iguana design enthused with some very distinct geometric fusion along the back. Just excellent.




Fantastic nature themed collaboration with such a range of styles from Fanakpan, Horror Crew & Jerry Rugg in Star Yard along Brick Lane.


Works by Fanakapan & Horror Crew.


Excellent work by Fanakapan.


Striking work by Horror Crew.


Great work by Jerry Rugg and Fanakapan.


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