Lost Souls Crew & Cheba At City Of Colours

This evening we thought we would like to take a look at this fantastic cosmic collaboration painted by the Lost Souls Crew & Cheba for the City Of Colours Street Art Festival held in Digbeth Birmingham this last weekend (covered here).

Whenever the Lost Souls Crew, comprising Captain Kris, Si Mitchell, Squirl & SPZero76, get together you know you are in for something fun, elaborate, well thought-out and immensely detailed, which is exactly what was produced for City Of Colours. This piece is to date the largest work we have seen from The Lost Souls Crew, and part of a larger production alongside 3Dom22, Title, Core246 & Rueloinfamous. Working with a space setting, the Lost Souls each hit up a superb character, just full of fun and first class illustration, all fantastically complimented by Cheba’s distinct and beautiful cosmic scenery.


SPZero76 at work.


Squirl at work.



Cheba at work.


The superb finished piece by SPZero76, Captain Kris, Squirl, Si Mitchell & Cheba.


Work by SPZero76.


Work by Captain Kris.


Work by Squirl.


Work by Si Mitchell.


Detail of work by SPZero76.


Work by Captain Kris, Squirl & Cheba.


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