New Zabou Street Art In The East End – June 2016

Well here we are again taking a look at the latest creations from Zabou, one of London’s most prolific artists, all placed up in the last few weeks around the East End. We always love seeing Zabou’s works about town, fueled with such humour or warmth, guaranteed to elicit a range of responses and emotions which are always set to improve our day.


Slightly damaged paste-up work in Hackney Wick, the full piece comprised the full body of a prisoner in cliche prison garb placed superbly behind the bars on this blocked up doorway. 


Beautiful work ‘Pirates’ placed up in Bethnal Green, such soulful tones in colour and mood infused with a roguish and care-free vibe that is very Zabou. This work was put up with support from Hidden Streets Of London Lenny Massive.





Powerful collaboration work with Mexican yarn-bombing artist Victoria Villasanna aka Villana on the Shoreditch Art Wall in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, Placed up for the charitable organization Child Labour Free campaigning for a child labour free world.

“Every child has the right to a childhood.

150 million children are denied that right.

The power to change lies with consumers.

Join us on a journey to a Child Labour Free World.”






This is a shutter Zabou painted along Hackney Road a couple of months back, but until recently we had yet to have any luck catching said shutter down in order to sight and capture the artwork. This should of been in our latest round-up of Zabou happenings around London, but as it wasn’t we wanted to share it anyway. Ever fun and playful, certainly a piece to bring a smile to your face.


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