New Louis Masai Street Art In Sydenham Woods

Over the weekend of 14-15th May Street Artist Louis Masai took to Sydenham Woods to hit up his latest mural as part of the Dulwich Festival, organized by the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The event is held annually and comprises a variety of activities about Dulwich and the surrounding areas, including; live music, theatre, film viewings, dance, workshops, walks, talks, and gala evenings, however for us it is very much the Street Art dynamic of the event with which we are interested. Setting to paint the covering to the disused old railway station in Sydenham Hill Wood, which is also Local Nature Reserve, Louis Masai created a delightful mural focused as always with his work, on endangered species of animals and wildlife. On this occasion Masai’s focus is on the Brown Long-Eared Bat which claims residence in the tunnel and is inspired also by a 400 year old wooded landscape painting by Adam Pynacker hanging in the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

This lovely work can be found in Sydenham Hill Woods, most easily reached from the entrance on Crescent Wood Road, and just follow the path to the left until you reach the old railway tunnel.











6 comments on “New Louis Masai Street Art In Sydenham Woods

  1. This mural is part of Dulwich Outdoor Gallery where about 25 well known street artist painted walls close to Dulwich Picture Gallery, based on paintings hanging in the permanent collection. In Luis Masai’s case, since there are no bats in the collection, he chose to paint the beautiful Silver Birches in the corners, so complying with the essence of Dulwich Outdoor Gallery.

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