New Hunto Street Art In Brick Lane

On Monday we here at London Calling Blog we fortunate enough to stumble upon Italian born, but London based, Street Artist Renato Hunto was out doing what he does best, painting his distinct and colourful signature style abstract characters around Brick Lane. Hunto’s work is instantaneously recognizable upon viewing and often draws the obvious link towards Picasso. Originally a Graffiti Writer, Hunto has gone on to develop his own brand of fluid cubist creations infused with a bold block colouring, depicting for him the great universal subject, Sex. This work is certainly eye-catching as you turn the corner on this purely residential street, just brimming with colour and mystery, very much brightening up this ever rotating wall in Pedley Street.


Hunto at work.


Hunto at work.


The striking finished piece.







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