Invader Hits London 2016 – With Invasion Number 18

It’s certainly been an interesting week on the London Street Art scene, with much excitement and chatter from enthusiasts and photographers at the first sign of a fresh visit from Street Artist Invader. This most recent visit marked the eighteenth time Invader has landed in London and left his mark, known for his pixelated mosaics’ creations, predominantly Space Invaders, made from differing sized and coloured tiles, his work is certainly in a style of its own and over time he has gone on to become one of the most iconic Street Artists the world over. It is with this mind that we got a glimpse of the buzz on social media which exploded from the moment the first images of his first new London piece went online. We have yet to witness such activity surrounding a visit from any artist in London before this last week, with people wishing to locate each new work, ourselves included, with us wishing to capture so we could share here and most people wishing to collect their views for Invader’s free app called  Flash Invader in which one is awarded points for capturing/flashing any Invaders from around the globe.

Invader is a French artist who defines himself as a ‘UFA’, an ‘Unidentified Free Artist’. Under this guise Invader has since 1998 developed a large scale project, code name:Space Invaders. The primary purpose of the project is about liberating Art from its usual alienators in the form of institutions such as galleries and museums. Secondly it is about freeing the Space Invaders from their video game TV screens and to bring them into our physical world. With each work publicly placed, referred to as an ‘Invasion’, each of these unique pieces set to become a fragment of a monumental installation. The Space Invader basis of his works were chosen as they are the “perfect icons of our time, a time where digital technologies are the heartbeat of our world.”

On his latest Invasion London has been apparently been left with some twelve fresh pieces, two of which are in one location, and of the twelve we have thus far, with plenty of help from a few people, located and enjoyed eleven of these intriguing and unique Street Art delights. We have long been fans of Invader’s output and it’s been an absolute pleasure to go and see his latest creations and see how well he has created excellent designs for so many of the immediate locations on which these new works now reside.


Invasion in Buck Street, Camden Town.


A superb piece for Invader to kick off his latest visit, with one of his classic Space Invader creations running away, whilst looking back towards the pursuing rain cloud. Very much a piece that captures the spirit of and attitude to the weather here in London.



Invasion on The Arts Building in Morris Place, Finsbury Park.


Located on the Arts Building, the piece aptly features a classic Invader character wielding a paint brush ready for action.



Invasion on the BFI building along the Southbank.


One of a few flower themed works from this trip and one of two to incorporate the security camera into his design, on this occasion with petals comprised of the Union Jack. All round a delightful work and a excellent use of the surroundings.



Pair of Invasions in the Victorian Grotto in the Museum of London.


A pair of Invaders which again are very British in subject, with real old fashioned City Gent look going down in hat and carrying umbrellas.




Invasion in Holloway Road, Islington.


One of two new works to incorporate the security camera into the design, on this occasion with petals comprised of the yellow tiles to create a sunflower with the addition of the camera.


Invasion in Hornsey Road, Islington.



One of our favourite works from the latest London invasion, with what appears to be a case of with no camera to use at the centre of his design, Invader simply decided to create his own flower-based security contraption.


Large-scale Invasion on the premises of The Bell pub in Brandon Road, Walthamstow.


The largest of the newest London Invasions, with a work that very much suits its location, with the Invader character wearing a top hat and holding aloft a pint of beer.



Invasion in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow.


The fourth flower based design we have seen from Invasion number 9, this time featuring a smiley face at the centre of Union Jack petals.


Invasion along Commercial Street, Spitalfields.


Again wearing the oh so British top hat and on this occasion holding a cup of steaming coffee, seemingly poking fun at the trendy nature of the surrounding Shoreditch area.


Invasion on the Prince Charles Cinema in Lisle Street, Leicester Square.


Lastly, until we find number 12, yet again another well thought out piece, which takes the location into its design. The work is placed up on the Prince Charles Cinema the Invader comes wearing 3D glasses, with a crown and sceptre to accentuate the royal dynamic in the theme.


Invasion at the junction of East Road & New North Road, Islington.


Invasion 150, a great way to end his latest wave.

5 comments on “Invader Hits London 2016 – With Invasion Number 18

  1. Good to know the background to Invader’s work. Fascinating and well done for finding them. I count 12 images here in 11 locations. Are you saying there’s a 13th in a 12th location ?

  2. I came across Invader LDN_147 this morning and took a snap. Just in time because the owner of the building took it down later that morning. Such a shame and quite odd because its one in Shoreditch!

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