New Irony & Boe Street Art In Croydon

Well it was certainly a busy Easter weekend for Irony with him painting his collaboration with Candie in Camden Town (covered here) as well as this fantastic collaboration with Boe in Croydon. The duo have stuck with the animal theme that has been present on these shutters two previous works, however the work is very much in the slightly tongue-in-cheek style that is quite often visible in this pairs output. Loving a bit of fun in their hyper-realistic creations, Irony & Boe have set to create a work that makes fun of the iconic scene from Disney’s Lady & The Tramp in which the two dogs share a romantic meal, but after Irony & Boe have had a think about the scene it has become the two dogs reverting to a more natural dynamic and the dogs can be seen fighting over the supposed shared meal. Definitely a great work aesthetically and equally so for the subject, a real pleasure to see and one that brought a smile to our face upon viewing.











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