New Olivier Roubieu Street Art At The Southbank

Well we figured Saturday night was the most appropriate time to share this latest work from Olivier Roubieu due to its risque nature, with this nude grey-scale portrait he painted on Thursday at the Southbank Skate Park. Showcasing Olivier Roubieu’s new shift in focus and direction towards black & white erotic art based on subjects and images from his own photo shoots. Set to a distinctly Olivier Graffiti based backdrop the work depicts a nude female subject seemingly posing on the wall. This work didn’t last long on the Southbank, and unfortunately due to the controversial nature of Olivier’s new style we don’t expect he will be getting to many spots about London or that such works will remain tagged free and it may only be short lived pieces on London’s legal walls that we may have a chance of seeing for a while from this artist.


Olivier Roubieu adding the finishing touches.


The finished piece.





Works by Airborne Mark & Olivier Roubieu.

4 comments on “New Olivier Roubieu Street Art At The Southbank

  1. It is beautiful, and it is a pity it has gone. I don’t recall any nudes in Bristol, but I think it would be cautiously welcomed, although one never knows how nude art would go down really.

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