New SkyHigh Graffiti In Leake Street

Following on from our post this morning on Lovepusher’s latest London work (covered here) this evening we are taking a look at the freshest London piece put up by Graffiti Writer SkyHigh on Monday in Leake Street. One of London’s more proactive Graffit Writers, SkyHigh is one of our favourite writers about town, someone who displays an impressive range of styles and subjects in his letter work, characters and scenes. For his freshest work SkyHigh has opted for a theme of disparate letters, each set in a different style and colour scheme, all set to a cosmic backdrop that really make the letters pop of the wall. SkyHigh’s chosen colour palette is on this occasion particularly striking, really suiting the dull dark atmosphere of its temporary Leake Street setting.


SkyHigh at work.


SkyHigh at work, drawing quite the crowd indeed.


SkyHigh at work adding the finishing touches.


The fantastic finished piece.







A passing admirer stopping to have her photo taken with SkyHigh’s work.

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