New Lovepusher Graffiti ‘Unite & Conquer’ In Leake Street

Yesterday whilst out on our travels we were delighted to stumble upon a couple of fantastic works in Leake Street following what must of been a busy weekend in the tunnel this recent bank holiday. The highlight of our venture to Leake Street was this striking work entitled ‘Unite & Conquer’  by Graffiti Writer Lovepusher.

We don’t generally focus on Graffiti as much, however for us here Lovepusher is certainly one of the most impressive Graffiti Writers at work the world over. Having began painting in 1995 and since then transitioning from painting a more traditional urban form of typography to his current futuristic 3D creations. In the process developing his own glowing style of painting using light, shade and perspective in order to make his works pop off the walls on which they adorn. This piece as ever is simply stunning, and the trademark ‘Lovepusher Glow’ is certainly in full force, bringing life to this work.

However what is most impressive about this artist is how you never see anything other than sheer 100% perfection from this meticulous artist. Even when painting one of London’s legal walls where the piece may remain minutes or if lucky a few hours, Lovepusher strives to treat every single work as an exercise in pushing oneself which is something that really has to be respected when you see such effort going into a work of this calibre in somewhere like Leake Street.


In this particular work it is the glow of the blue from the ‘S’ on to the first ‘E’ and the gold reflection from the ‘U’ on to the ‘S’ that really tie the effect of the striking work together.







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