New Jimmy C Street Art In Kings Cross

A few days ago Street Artist Jimmy C set to create his latest work at the Kings Cross end of Caledonian Road, and what a beautiful work it is indeed. Reworking his previous piece in the same spot which presented  a serene landscape, and still forms much of the basis of this adapted scene.


The previous work from Jimmy C.

Jimmy C has redefined the key focus point with the addition of a view a woman kneeling in front of the scene, very much adding an increased sense of depth to the work and a soulful tone to its subject. In addition to this, the new piece takes on more of the distinctly Jimmy C ‘Aerosol Pointillist ‘ style, which is particularly effective with the swirling dashes emanating from the centre of the work, casting a real cosmic tone that sits so well with the peaceful quality about the kneeling woman and flying dove. We here at London Calling Blog have long been big fans of this artists work and it really was a pleasure to go and see this stunning work, we have to say one of our favourites that we have seen from Jimmy C to date.


The stunning reworked wall.










3 comments on “New Jimmy C Street Art In Kings Cross

  1. Perhaps the circular ‘swirling dashes’ are inspired by star trails as seen in time exposures taken with astronomical telescopes. That, anyway, was the first thing |i thought of when I saw the picture.

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