New Size92 Street Art In Camden Town

Last week Spanish Graffiti Writer and Street Artist Size92,  who has been on a roll thus far in 2016 having hit a good few pieces of late, most notably the set of collaborations with fellow Spanish Graffiti Writer Mask in Shoreditch (covered here) and his work in Croydon from a couple of weeks (covered here), in Camden Town. Following on from his subject matter in Croydon recently, Size92 has again opted for the intriguing fusion of classical subjects in art and very modern funky graffiti. Presented in lovely subdued almost water colour tones, the contrast between the sharpe edges of his letterwork with the rounded softness in the character is great and both aspects very much add depth to the work in their own way. This work can be found in Stucley Place and was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.







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