New Olivier Roubieu Street Art In Croydon

Earlier on today, Street Artist Olivier Roubieu set to work in Croydon town to add his freshest London piece. Braving the cold and extreme winds that were hot helping his activity, Olivier set over the course of some five or so hours to create this striking portrait of a female set amid and blending with the very fabric of the Graffiti tags around the centre. The tags read predominantly ‘London’, but there are also a few ‘Croydon’ and ‘Roubieu’ tags intermingled among this mass of flowing colour. Certainly a great piece and one that really catches your eye as you travel along the flyover in Croydon, setting to grab your attention and cause you to lose yourself in this rather chaotic, yet so composed, work. This work can be found along Park Lane, Croydon, and was put up with support from us London Calling Blog M_Frenchi.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu adding the ‘Olivier Treatment’, his now trademark manic splash of paint to tie the work together.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


The striking finished piece.






An exhausted Olivier Roubieu sat in front of his days work.

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